Biria Bikes





Biria USA is committed to giving everyone the ultimate comfort and quality in riding bicycles.  We have placed customer needs and satisfaction at the core of our business creed.

We introduced the Easy Boarding bicycle into the US market in 2002.   This German-designed bicycle has redefined comfort in the bicycle industry.   With its uniquely designed step-through frame, and its comfortable seating position, this bike has satisfied the needs for people who seek the ultimate safety and pleasure in riding their bikes.  The Easy Boarding will be the most comfortable bicycle you'll ever ride.

Furthermore, our comfort bicycle lines are great transportation tools which help you run your daily errands by having fun, staying fit and at the same time help keep our planet clean.   These bicycles are fully equipped and make your ride a real joy.

Our efforts to provide comfort, quality and the latest developments in bicycles and bicycle parts are shared with some of the top European manufacturers and suppliers.   We strive to remain dynamic and innovative in every aspect of our business.