Montague Folding Bikes


We are full-size 
folding bikes.

All Montague folding bikes are designed to ride as well as, if not better than, comparable non-folding bikes. During the design process, we focus on perfecting ride quality, handling, and comfort.We believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice any of these crucial components even if the folding bike is convenient enough to fit in the trunk.

Each Montague folding bicycle goes from full size to completely folded in under 20 seconds. Simply pop the front wheel off and open the frame quick release to fold the bike. No tools, no complicated instructions. This isn't about origami; it's about folding your bike in a flash to catch the bus or train.

Convenience and practicality collide with Montague folding bikes. No one can argue the practicality of a bike. And, after just a few uses, no one can argue the convenience of Montague folding bikes. Whether you’re hopping into a car, onto a bus, or into the office, our folding bikes provide a convenient and practical solution.