Service Prices

 Bicycles are mechanical and require routine maintenance to keep them operating properly and to prevent unwanted breakdowns  just like automobiles. A Standard Tune-Up will keep your bike operating at peak performance as well as preventing unnecessary repairs due to parts being out of adjustment. We recommend a tune-up every 3-6 months for the average rider. High milage riders and mountain bikers may find they need minor adjustments in between tune-ups. Due to the sandy, salty and humid conditions of South Florida; we highly recommend our Deluxe Tune-Up. In addition to the Tune-Up, we wash the bicycle top to bottom, clean and degrease the drivetrain (Crankset, Chain, Gears and Derailleurs) and finish it off with a protective polish. This will aid in protecting your bicycle from corrosion and keep it looking better and, most importantly, operating better.

Bicycles are an investment and it is important to protect that investment. Our Complete Overhaul is designed to prevent your bicycle deteriorating from the inside out. We will strip your bike down to the frame; clean and re-grease all contact points; clean and re-grease the bearings in the Hubs, Headset, and Bottom Bracket; run all new cables and housing; then finish it off with the Deluxe Tune-up. We recommend the Complete Overhaul every 2-3 years for the average rider and more frequently for the serious rider. Your Bicycle will thank you.

Standard Tune-Up

  • Frame, Fork and Wheel Inspection 
  • Hardware inspection for Torque and safety
  • Frame Wipe down
  • Major Bearing Systems Adjusted 
  • Precision Wheel Truing and Hub adjustment
  • Derailleur Hanger Alignment
  • Full lubrication service (Chain, cables, derailleurs & brakes)
  • Drivetrain Inspection
  • Derailleur Adjustment 
  • Brake Adjustment


Deluxe Tune-Up

  • Includes all Standard Tune-Up
  • Services plus:
  • Detailed Bicycle Wash
  • Protective Silicone Polish
  • Drivetrain Cleaning

* Suspension Components Additional


Complete Overhaul

  • Includes deluxe Tune-up items
  • Complete disassembly of bikedown to the bare frame
  • Headset, hubs and bottom bracket overhauled
  • Full detail clean
  • Installation of any new part
  • New Cables and Housing

* Suspension Components Additional


Tire/Tube Install  $10
Tire/Tube Install Electric Bike $30
Tubular Tire Install $25
Wheel True   $20
Spoke Install $17
Custom Wheel Build $80+
Wheel Install $10
Adjust Hub   $15
Overhaul Front Hub $30
Overhaul Rear Hub $35


Brake adjusment $15
Brake Cable Install $15
Rim Brake Install (each) $25
Disc Brake Install (each) $40
Disk Brake Bleed $25
Rotor Install   $10
Brake Lever Install $20


Tune and clean Drivetrain $45
Chain Install $10
Cassette/Freewheel Install $10
Adjust Bottom Bracket $25
Bottom Bracket Install $40
Overhaul Bottom Bracket $25
Chainring Install (each) $10


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